Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#GPPP Episode 041: "Jon Gruden & The Miami Sound Machine"

#GPPP -- The Rhythm Finally Got Us. TONIGHT, we cover all the latest in NFL News & Notes including Calvin Johnson's unhappiness, Tom Brady's rumored concussion, Odell Beckham missing OTA's and more. ALSO, we continue our NFL Divisional Preview with the AFC East! PLUS, Curtain Covered Court​'s Joseph Farella​ joins us to give a review on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and an update on what's going on with Justice League & the DCEU. AND, stay tuned until the end of the show for the BIGGEST announcement in the history of the Greg & Phil Podcast Project -- it's a game changer!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Flipping Out Over Joey Bats

Bryce Harper of all people convinced me of something.

Baseball's old school unwritten rules need to be looked at. The NFL and its players enjoy a great deal of notoriety for their celebrations. For the passion and joy in which they go about the game. Major League Baseball and it's traditions want robots until moments that the old school has deemed appropriate. Strike outs are not cause for celebration, watching a baseball travel into the stands for too long is a violation, and never ever show up another player with antics or words. I understand the rules and their reasons, the mentality and the culture. Lately though  I have grown to question if the decline of baseball isn't tied into the lack of personality to connect with.

Then, just as I am about to don my armor and crusade for change Joey Bautista decided to flip his bat.

It is not the act of the bat flip that bothers me. It is not Joey Bautista's flare for his bat flips that bother me. It is the situation that I can not stand.

In an 8-3 game while he is currently batting .208 for the season Bautista decided that his solo home run was the time for an moonshot bat flip. Seriously? That is cause for celebration? That is the circumstances to pimp your home run? I think not.

Many young players have taken heat for celebrating. Wither it be a fist pump after a strike out to close an inning or Bryce Harpers seeming desire to hit walk off's simply to remove his helmet and let his hair bask in the moment. I am coming around to these things, especially in emotion packed games or the appropriate situations. Joey Bats had neither of those in his favor.

Come on. I get it, home runs may be fewer and further then Bautista is used to and the Tronto Blue Jays and their fans are witnessing the decline of his power for sure. That does not justify this either.

Now let me make it clear, I don't love throwing at guys. I get it, and part of me likes it as part of the game. I do not like it with intent to injure. I do not like it in pointless situations or over perceived slights. I do not particularly love the idea that Julio Tehran drill Bautista the night after the bat flip and the pitch was three miles per hour faster then any pitch he has thrown the last two years apparently.

I guess I do understand it though.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#GPPP Episode 040: "Eddie Lacy, Karen Carpenter & China Food"

#GPPP: Antonio Cromartie has more kids than we have listeners! TONIGHT, Is Tom Brady really the GOAT?, LeGarrette Blount headed to Philly, Josh Gordon denied reinstatement and Eddie Lacy getting paid to not be fat! PLUS, our buddy THE MIZ~ has his ban lifted, coming to us live from his swanky loft in the Baltimore Inner Harbor to help us with our NFL Division By Division Preview as we cover the NFC North & AFC North! ALSO, the NBA Draft Lottery, an update on the NHL Playoffs, the Titans lineman getting drunk and throwing catfish?, and what Derek Jeter's memorial plaque REALLY said! TONIGHT, on an all-new #GPPP: If you've read this far, prove it and you'll be rewarded, because I don't think anybody gives a shit anymore, HIT THE LINKS!


Are The Cardinals Foregoing The Future

The Arizona Cardinals are a team that almost every analyst and talking head agree on. The window of opportunity for the core of verterans to win a Super Bowl is closing, if not shut already. 

In the Cardinals run to the Super Bowl the past few years we have heard quite a bit about the fact that Larry Fitzgerald isn't getting any younger and that Carson Palmer doesn't have a lot left in the tank. Both of these are legit statements. In 2014 and 11-5 record got them a Wild Card berth that ended as soon as it began in a loss to Carolina.  Of course this loss was with Ryan Lindley behind center as Palmer was out due to injury. The next season in 2015 the Cardinals rolled to a 13-3 record, once again lost tot he Panthers but this time it was in the NFC Championship game. For many this was the Cardinals last big chance. 2016 was much of what everyone expected. Flashes from Palmer and Fitzgerald continiuing to be solid, but a 7-8-1 record. 

Continuing to be solid. Is that good enough for Larry Fitzgerald though? Once considered the greatest threat in the game Fitzgerald is the ultimate team player. I mean even I noted he is an excellent blocker, the problem is, that isn't what you want to see Larry Fitzgerald getting noticed for. 

Then there is Carson Palmer, the star of this article really. Palmer has been hurt, a lot. I don't blame him for that. Carson Palmer didn't take the field wanting to get hurt. Palmer wasn't looking to give Matt Lienert and Ryan Lindley a shot at playing. Reality of the situation comes down to the fact that Carson Palmer has been in the league a very long time. Palmer has had numerous knee injuries and has missed significant time in various seasons. There would have been many more shocking things then his retirement after last season and had he retired there is nothing wrong with that. What there is something I have to question is the fact that the Cardinals have yet to address his replacement.

Drew Stanton? Recently signed Blaine Gabbert? I would be absolutely shocked if either of these quarterbacks are the future of the Arizona Cardinals. Not drafting a QB or looking to bring one in this season to learn from and grow under Carson Palmer is a strange decision and one that makes me wonder. Are the Cardinals really looking ahead?

How can you ignore your current situation? Especially when you have had yearly reminders of how important it is to have a quarterback with talent in the NFL. This isn't a spot where many mediocre to average players have seen great success lately. You are either a team with a winning quarterback or you are a team looking for one and the Cardinals had the chance to prepare for the not so distant future and seem to have chosen not to. 

This season the Cardinals will face many challenges, the biggest may be how to overcome the hole they seem to be digging for themselves.